Stella Artois - Premium European Lager  20 oz  10  60 oz  Pitcher 29
Okanagan Springs (1516 Lager, Pale Ale)  20 oz  8  60 oz  Pitcher 23
Sleeman (Honey Brown Lager) 20 oz 8 60 oz Pitcher 23


Domestic Canadian, Coors Light, Budweiser, Kokanee (341ml)  
Miller Genuine Draft (355 mL) 8
Craft Beer Phillips Blue Buck (341 ml), Yellow Dog IPA (440ml) 9
Imports Corona (330 ml), Heineken (341ml) 9
Guinness, Ireland (440ml), Peroni Italy (330ml),Fix Hellas Greece (330ml) 9
*Non Alcoholic* Warsteiner Fresh (330ml) 7


Smirnoff Ice, Mike’s Hard Lemonade,  8
Growers Apple or Peach Cider, Strongbow Cider 8


Smirnoff Ice, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Mike’s Hard Cranberry Lemonade 
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey
J&B Scotch Whiskey, Gibson 12 Year Old Whiskey, Crown Royal Whiskey, Jameson Whiskey 8
Bombay Sapphire Gin, Bulleit Bourbon 9
Grey Goose Vodka 11
Patron Silver Tequila 13
Glenfiddich 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whiskey 11


San Remo Original Caesar A blend of Vodka, Clamato & Worcestershire (1oz) 9
San Remo Martini’s Cosmopolitan, Blue Lagoon, Crantini 10
Aperol Spritz (4oz) 10
Peach Sangria (5oz) 11


Bellini (2oz) 10
Daiquiris and Margaritas (1oz) Pina Colada, Strawberry, Lime, Mango, Peach
*Also available non-alcoholic*


Limoncello, Sambuca, Ouzo, Metaxa, Martini Rosso Vermouth 7
Specialty Coffees Baileys Coffee, Spanish Coffee, Monty Cristo Coffee (1oz) 9

All above prices are subject to 5% GST and 10% PST

(Fountain) Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7up, Root Beer, Iced Tea 4
(By the can) Dr. Pepper, Ginger-ale, C-plus, Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero 1.95
Perrier 4
Shirley Temple 6
Red Bull 6
Root Beer Float 7